Assurance and Audit Services

In the new economy, assurance and audit services are needed more than ever. It is needed to give your company , investors, suppliers, customers and others the confidence required to drive growth and sustain prosperity.  In these times of rapid change, the only way to provide meaningful assurance is to focus on business risks and the quality of the processes and controls that underline your financial reporting and other management assertions. Confidence comes from knowing that quality assurance is built into your key processes.

Our people are specialists in risks and business processes as well.

We work with advanced tools and technologies. Automated work toolsets enable our people to work more efficiently and produce more complete and useful reports.

We believe that an Audit should add extra value to your business.  As auditors, we focus on what is important to you and your business, the risk you face, the issues you must address and the controls that should be in place. We provide constructive & practical recommendations on how to develop audit operations, systems and structures.

Our success has been based on our Firm’s commitment to delivering outstanding client service.

We work hard for our clients to support their business growth & success.

Sami Farah & Partner’s mission is to help our clients succeed by exceeding their expectations & delivering value in everything we do.


Our professionals have the courage, integrity and the local knowledge to help you meet your demands by providing you with a timely and transparent information for your Company’s Management, stakeholders and investors .


Whoever our clients are, Sami Farah and Partner experts can understand their present and help them prepare for the future.



  •  ● Audit services

  •  ● Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services

  •  ● Financial accounting

  •  ● Internal audit

  •  ● Non-financial performance and reporting

  •  ● Regulatory compliance

  •  ● Risk assurance services

  •  ● Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services