Sami Farah & Partner (SF&P) is a Partnership Company established in July 2012 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide auditing, tax, and consulting services as per the License issued by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. It was founded by a group of partners who have been leading the profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the last 25 years. These Partners were originally in Arthur Andersen and joined Ernst & Young in 2002 upon the merging of both practices in the Middle East. The Partners subsequently joined PWC in 2009 and finally in 2012 they decided to start their own practice and establish SF&P.

SF&P partners are very well known in the Saudi marketplace and are extremely reputable. These partners possess extensive knowledge and experiences, having been partners in 3 of the top global accounting firms, which is unmatched and is well appreciated among clients. Accordingly, we believe that SF&P will be a strong and superior alternative to the big four in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


In October 2013 SF&P became a Member of JPA International, based in Paris, France.